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Using polystyrene boxes for our chilled shipments has been a real bug-bear for years, so in spring 2018 we took the plunge moving ALL our carrier deliveries over to wool packaging...

reducing our consumption of ployboxes by more than a 40ft trailer load each month!


Woolcool is a fantastic packaging initiative developed by Angela Morris, evolved with the support of National Trust tenant farmers, entirely eco-friendly insulated packaging, naturally kind to the environment, reuseable and ultimately compostable cases and liners with reusable 'ice' packs - why not pop over to their website to find out more



High performance insulated packaging designed specifically for direct deliveries of chilled and frozen foods - rigorously tested and proven to keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the Food Standards Agency.


Wool is one of nature's most amazing 'smart fibres', with a complex structure and natural properties that cope with extremes of sold and heat. 


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