Beanie- a subtle vegetarian Scotch Egg

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Beanie- a subtle vegetarian Scotch Egg

Price: £3.75
Model: Beans, Nuts, Garlic & Parsley
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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(autumn 2005)

Red kidney and white butter beans with brazil nuts, garlic and parsley.

Simply melts in the mouth, the bean mash although maybe not as robust as some of its counterparts (a ‘heads up’ that they can sometimes, not often, arrive a little cracked from their journey, can't we all) is one of the best tasting scotch eggs in the whole collection… think bean salads and a cold glass of wine in the shade overlooking a sandy cove on a remote Greek island… well that’s the memory this one conjures up for us..

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