Noel  jumble, Christmas stuffing

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Noel jumble, Christmas stuffing

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Model: 500g, FR pork, tarragon & garlic
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Packs of freshly prepared stuffing ready to use or to freeze for a later date.

Outdoor-reared course cut British Pork, fresh Tarragon and a heap of Garlic... you'll know who you're friends are after this one!

Stuff the turkey, roll into sausage shapes and wrap in bacon, make into balls and roast with the potatoes... the recipe won two gold stars as our Leon Scotch Egg in the greate taste awards so we suggest  just share them any way you can! -

really they can be used to create no end of mouth watering recipes, why not make your own, patties, meat balls and bakes or follow the recipe here for unforgattable canapes

to make the 'money bag' canapes pictured above:

500 g        Jumble
8 sheets  Phyllo pastry roughly 20cm square (8")
50g           melted butter (2oz)

Pre heat oven to 200C, 400F, Gas mark 6
Cut each sheet of pastry into four and brush with a little melted butter, cover with a damp cloth and put to one side,

Take between 100g and 125g of jumble and divide into four, lightly flour your hands and work surface and roll into balls, repeat 'till you've 16 balls

Place one ball onto the centre of each phyillo squareand gather up the corners, pinching together above the ball to form your bag and brush with melted butter

Place this bag in the centre of a second square of phyllo and gather together to complete your parcel, cover with damp grease proof paper whilst you asemble the rest to avoid them drying out

Now liberally brush all bags with melted butter, place on a baking sheet and into the oven for 15/20 minutes, until golden brown

Serve hot as georgeous canapes or allow to cool on wire rack and serve as a stunning starter with a fresh salad of slices of avocado and orange segments on bed of mixed leaves.

As with all the festive 'stuff' these are available for delivery from till December 21st only!

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