Christingle WeeOne

Christingle WeeOne

Price: £1.75
Model: Pork, Chestnuts, Onions & tingly Orange Peel
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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Outdoor-reared British pork with Crumbled Chestnuts, Onions and tingly Orange Peel

Wonderfully full of flavour, a real Christmasy taste.  It's something about the season but we always come out with something new, some like the Rudolph go through an identity change for the rest of the year and others like the Chistingle, created in 2009, are limited to December only.

Quail Egg Scotch Eggs £1.75 each of 4 for £6.25(please select from the drop down above)

As with all the festive specials, these are available for delivery 'till December 21st!

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