Girl power- a scotch egg based tuck box treat for the girls

Girl power- a scotch egg based tuck box treat for the girls

Price: £15.50
Model: scotch eggs, perry & biscuits
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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This one is aimed at the girls but please, as with the Boys Own box, don't let that get in the way as blokes will love this tuck box too

Two handmade Scotch eggs, a bottle of Perry and a jar of Chutney,  a handful of Stockan's Orkney Thin Oatcakes and a pack of Penny's tamari seeds ... heavenly

Passion scotch egg - free-range pork, fresh beetroot and crisp red onion- sensational

Valentino scotch egg - free-range saddleback pork stuffed with wensleydale cheese and bright red cranberries - delicious

Oliver's Perry 5.4% ABV cold fermented and oak aged through the winter, a truly classic perry (500ml)

A jar of local artisan chutney from our friends at Kit's Kitchen or the Holly & Ivy (approx 270g)

Penny's addictive roasted pumpkin & sunflower tamari seasoned seeds (200g)

and a pack of Stockan's Orkney Thin Oatcakes, delicious, traditional wholegrain oatcakes (100g)

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