Chilli Millie , GLUTEN FREE Scotch Egg

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Chilli Millie , GLUTEN FREE Scotch Egg

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Model: Pork sausage meat apple & millet
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(Recipe launch: Autumn 2004) (Updated: 2016, 2018)


Outdoor reared pork with a delicous blend of chillies and spices finished in millet

A deliciously spicy (not too hot) twist on our original Millie which has proved a great  hit with those that have to be careful with their diets and others too.... the millet coating brings a crunchy layer to your Scotch Egg treat.

The sausagemeat is made with soya, crumb, buck wheat, rice and chickpea flours and then rolled in millet to give it that distinctive finish.

INGREDIENTS Free range pork sausagemeat [pork(min 75%), textured soya protein, defatted soya grits, cornflour, rice flour, salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein, stabiliser (E45(i)), herbs, preservative (E223), flavourings, spice extract](46%) hard boiled large free range egg (43%),red chilli (3%) red pepper(3%) Paprika(2%), Chilli Pickle (0.2%) Buckwheat (0.09%) Millet flakes (0.09%),brown rice flakes(0.09%) Vegetable oil [refined soya oil, anti foaming agent (E900)]

Although we take every precaution when making these you should be aware that our kitchen itself is not Gluten free.

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