SmokieJoe Scotch Egg

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SmokieJoe Scotch Egg

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Model: Pork & deliciously smoked bacon
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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(a 2003 original)

Outdoor-reared, British pork & smoked bacon

A subtle twist on the classic recipe one we often suggest to help people break away from the 'normal’, a great stepping stone into what’s become the big wide world of Scotch egg (aka Scotch egg heaven).  We Brits seem devoted to smoked foods stemming, we imagine from our distant past when smoking would be a method of preservation. It's now been raised to gourmet heights with artisan smokehouses popping up in every region. This recipe is so good we've used it in both the Pippin and Passion scotch eggs too...

Featured in the 2011 Autumn issue of Trout & Salmon magazine:

"in a taste test our piscatorial pallette was tickled by an unusal trio. The Smokie wrapped with pork and bacon. It was meaty and smoky with a smooth texture, our favourite" (also picked out were the Chieftain and the Old Fart)

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