Kitchen Garden -a vegetarian tuck box treat

Kitchen Garden -a vegetarian tuck box treat

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Model: Scotch eggs,chutney & seeds
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4 sensational Vegetarian Scotch Eggs, a jar of chutney and a pack of addictive seeds...

A chilled tuck box specially for vegetarians with 4 different scotch eggs, chutney and seeds. A really tasty picnic, or something to share over a glass of wine

Some people say that a vegetarian Scotch egg cannot be real... well we humbly beg to differ.  Penny, vegetarian herself, has a real passion for quality ingredients and loves the challenges creating vegetarian recipes bring to the table, here are a few of the results...

Vegetabularian scotch egg

an irresistible blend of chickpeas, cheeses and sundried tomatoes

Beanie scotch egg

Kidney and  Butter beans with Brazil nuts,  Garlic and Parsley

Worcester scotch egg

mashed potato with onion, cheeses, garlic, onion and vegetarian worcestershire sauce

Mumbai scotch egg

Chickpeas, hazelnuts, onion, fresh chilli jazzed up with delicious kashmir spices

A pot of our own delicious chutney- made from fruit collected on our farm.

200g pack of Penny's addictive roasted pumpkin & sunflower tamari seeds

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