The Tuck box - now we're talking...

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The Tuck box - now we're talking...

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Stuffed full of goodies THE TUCK BOX has something for everyone (well, infact it's got something of everything we have!)

FOUR of our proper full size Scotch Eggs

EIGHT WeeOnes dainty quail egg scotch eggs

FOUR of our fresh 125g handmade Burgers

ONE deliciously addictive Croome Cuisine Cheese from such varieties as Hereford Hop, Worcester Gold, Hot Chilli, Fig & Honey, Hobsons Ale & Mustard, Worcester Sauce & Shallot, Horseraddish & Chives...

FOUR melt in the mouth Jumble rolls

HALF a DOZEN sensational Double Troubles

ONE jar of Chutney from the shelves at Egg'cetera

All to be washed down with THREE different bottles of Local Beers, Cider and Fruit Juices (don't you just love living in the countryside!)

They say it's for sharing, but can you really have too much of a good thing?

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