Big Cheese- cheesey foodie tuck box

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Big Cheese- cheesey foodie tuck box

Price: £38.70
Model: scotch eggs, cheeses, crisps, chutney & pickles
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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Say 'Cheese' and we smile, smile because we know there will be a camera somewhere, smile because someone loves us and smile because we love cheese... making this the happiest tuck box so far!

For starters we bring you a selection of Handmade Scotch Eggs (there's a surprise) made with free-range, locally sourced, course cut, pork sausagemeat:, one each of the

BRUNCH -  with fresh apple and STILTON cheese

PLOUGHMAN'S - with mature CHEDDAR cheese and Apple chutney

RUDOLPH - with juicy cranberries and WENSLEYDALE cheese

MORGAN - with tangy GOATS cheese and chives

and for the Vegetarians one each of the

WORCESTER - vegetarian CHEDDAR cheese, potato, onion and Garlic

VEGETABULARIAN - chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and vegetarian CHEDDAR cheese

Now a CHEESEY treat needs Cheese and we will send you THREE different deliciously addictive Croome Cuisine Cheeses which include such varieties as Hereford Hop, Worcester Gold, Hot Chilli, Fig & Honey, Hobsons Ale & Mustard, Worcester Sauce & Shallot, Horseraddish & Chives...

Plus 4 bags of Crisps a jar of Chutney and a jar of Kit's award winning Shallots...

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