About Us




We are, through choice, a small privately run family business supported by a highly motivated and inspired team, affording us close control over the quality of our products using time-honoured cooking practices working by hand to produce quality food in an environmentally and socially responsible manner returning food production to its inspirational roots.

We aspire:

  • To keep welfare our priority, sourcing local free-range products direct from the farmers and producers

Living on the borders of three agricultural counties Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire we are surrounded by some of the best free-range farmers around. Saddleback pigs play a big part in our make up, not only as our chosen pork but also for the inspiration in our logo,  the handsome ones pictured above live with Andrew & Cheryl of Rochford Country Meats, Tenbury Wells and were kind enough to pose for the camera, bribed with a shovel of pig nuts of course.  Chrys and Fiona of Teme Vale Victuallers, Cotheridge and Adrian Griffiths of Leintwardine back us up with traditionally reared free-range rare beed Berkshires, Tamworths, Gloucester Old spot and Middle Whites.

At the begining we could get all the free-range eggs we needed just across the valley from Lional of Rosy Glow but we soon out grew one producer and with the ever stringent legislation we now go a little farther afield to Fridays in Kent and Mantons in Gainsborough  (well we are making 12-15,000 a week now)

  • To produce top quality food in tune with the seasons with full traceability and provenance

There is no secret ingredient just locally sourced free-range tasty ingredients an imaginative cook and a real passion to get it right

  • To build an ethically sound sustainable business

We recycle everything we can from our used oil, tins, plastic and cardboard and compost the majority of our food waste.  We have delveloped organically since our first farmers market in 2003 our name and reputation has been built on word of mouth we do not force ourselves on to potential stockists they generally come to us through a recomendation from some one who has found us out at the many festivals and events we go to all over the country.

  • To reinstate the humble Scotch egg as Britain’s favourite snack food

Since launching our idea at the Teme Valley Farmers' Market in June 2003 with just half a dozen varieties we have now developed over 40 (yes 40!) unique imaginative recipes for your indulgence...


It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, don’t honestly think we appreciated what we had created, highlights along the way include winning the 'Best New Producer 2005' category in the Flavours of Herefordshire awards and since then have gained a number of Great Taste Awards, a Diamond Award from HEFF and a selection of stand/stall prizes at events and shows around the country.

  Over the years we have been extremely lucky with the publicity and support we have gained through local and national newspaper, magazines and TV programs one highlight that stands out is a fab visit Penny and Neil had to Chris Evans and his Radio 2 Drive-time show in November 09 (8 million plus listeners- a fact gladly not shared with us at the time, think the interview may well have fallen apart!)

You can get your fix at loads of shows, fairs and markets as listed in our on-line diary, as well as an ever growing number of specialist deli's and farm shops around the country, not forgetting our own shop here at THE EGGSHED