wee Hetty Scotch Egg

wee Hetty Scotch Egg

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Model: Chestnuts, brazil nuts with a wee dram
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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A real veggie treat-  Chestnuts, Brazil nuts, Oats, red Kidney beans, Carrots, Herbs & Spices all sharpened up with a wee dram of whisky.

Penny's inspiration for a vegetarian haggis, brought out for Christmas 2011it  has gone down so well with vegetarians and  hard core meat eaters alike that it just couldn't be kept hidden away the rest of the year


Quail Egg Scotch Eggs £2.00 each of 4 for £7.50 (please select from the drop down above)

(Christmas 2011 aka the Nutcracker)

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