wee Herbut Scotch egg

wee Herbut Scotch egg

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Model: Pork, fresh parsley, sage & rosemary
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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Quail Egg Scotch Eggs £2.00 each of 4 for £7.50 (please select from the drop down above)

(Summer 2010)

Outdoor-reared, British pork with fresh parsley, sage and rosemary

Created following pressure from customers to bring out a herby recipe this relatively new addition to the collection has been very well received.  The name was however a different story, Herbie was favourite but the image of a VW beetle just wouldn't go away and it was a during a conversation with Penny's brother Richard who uses 'Herbut' as an affectionate chastisement the way others may say 'Wally' that the name slotted into place... cut up and served with other recipes the WeeOnes make stunning party food what ever the occasion

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