Monty Scotch Egg

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Monty Scotch Egg

Price: £3.75
Model: Pork, dry cured ham double meat!
Manufacturer: HMSE Co Ltd
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(Autumn 2006)

Outdoor reared, British pork surrounds an egg already wrapped in slices of distinctive dry cured ham - double decker!

Our friend Mike introduced us to the wonders of dry cured Spanish hams on holiday in Barcelona that summer and on our return we just had to make a recipe using these meats.  Originally we used Serrano ham exclusively (going as far as naming the egg ‘Serrano’) but with so many more fabulous dry cured hams available we decided to rename the recipe to Monty, a broader title, allowing us freedom to work with hams from both home and abroad, also the small matter of Mike returning to the live in the UK sort of stopped the flow of Serrano.

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