Free-range Pickled eggs

Free-range Pickled eggs

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Model: Tasty, nutritious and low fat...
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Tasty and nutritious, a great source of Protein, Low in fat and calories and containing very little carbohydrates...

you'd be forgiven for thinking they were a modern invention rather than from way back before fridges...

A jar of Purely Pickled Eggs 'Naked' Free-range Pickled eggs in a mix of slightly sweet tangy vinegars

A 360g jar of pickled eggs with rice wine vinegar and white wine vinegar

A long, long time ago, well at least 30 years, a favourite pastime of ours was playing spoof for a pickled egg whilst whiling away a few hours in the pub, the idea of course, was that the loser had to eat a pickled egg as a forfeit- not too hard if like Neil you happend to love pickled eggs, the trick was not to let on to the others, sorry guys,

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